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The Effect of Dodd-Frank on Divorcing Citizens - Part 2: LO Compensation Dodd-Frank is the most sweeping legislation affecting the financial industry to come out of congress since Glass-Steagall (The Banking Act of 1933). Not even its repeal with Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) in 1999 comes close. As Charlie Gasparino remarked in horror on his program a […]

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Is There Such A Thing as a Bad Loan?

Is There Such A Thing as a Bad Loan? A Call for Sanity in the Housing Meltdown Debate Noel Cookman, August 11, 2011 I have devoted this blog to issues that affect folks at the intersection of divorce and mortgage finance. And this post is no different except that the information is applicable to virtually […]

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Speaking My Mind About The Financial Crisis

I’m going to speak my mind and let the chips fall where they may. I know that in business, one avoids talk of politics and religion. But, this is only so that one might not erect barriers to the flow of income to one’s own wallet. Without telling you exactly where I stand on politics […]

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Since this is my first entry in this new blog, I need to briefly mention that I am a *Divorce-Mortgage Specialist. I may be the only one which is understandable since I coined the term. As you may notice, I'm not very original or flamboyant with terminology. I just work hard at my passion, my […]

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