Education for Attorneys

Continuing Legal Education from America’s foremost authority on Divorce-Lending Issues

Since 2008, Noel has been offering Continuing Legal Education directed mostly to Family Law attorneys. Presentations are offered to Bar Association meetings and luncheons, Family Law section meetings, Collaborative Practice groups/sections, large and small firms (one of my favorite times was with one attorney and her paralegal around their snack room table), conferences, seminars and retreats.

The key to my presentations is their usefulness and practicality. The information is critical to actually settling cases and “turning white paper into green money.” I promise at least one eyebrow raising moment in each presentation.

Course Listing

Texas CLE Accredited Presentations

One Credit Hour Each

The Proper Use of the Owelty Agreement and Lien (including a primer on Texas Equity financing and its disadvantages)

Credit & Mortgage Qualifying Issues in Divorce (including how to structure child and spousal support to allow for financing approval)

Property Valuation and Appraisal Issues in Divorce (with emphasis on the new rules applying to appraisals in mortgage financing and when to order an appraisal)

Mortgages Before Final Divorce in Texas (how to use a Rule 11 Agreement to successfully close a real estate purchase)

Getting Off The Hook (how to effectively require refinancing; and, how to know in advance IF and WHEN such financing will take place).

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