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More Adventures in “It’s Not a Cash-Out – It’s a Buy-Out”

I surely hope to soon finish my book, The Texas Cash Out vs. The PROPER DANG WAY TO DO A DIVORCE BUY-OUT. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep writing out my experiences helping divorcing folks and Divorce Lawyers get their deals taken care of. Note: This email correspondence below is dated October 7, 2021, nearly 4 years […]

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Divorced or Divorcing

Q&A #2C: Who Determines an Ex-Spouse's Portion of "Available Equity?"

Here is the last part of this second question in my series. Just go back to the most recent posts to get the flow of thought. I pick up with the exchange between RB and me. Question (from RB) Thank you so much for sharing your expert knowledge! I've already taken over ownership, I've refinanced, […]

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